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We'll answer your travel questions, build an itinerary, and help you figure out transportation, all tailored to your special interests, budgets, and time constraints.

Bulgaria is a wonderful country to explore and like other non-western countries there are a few practical and cultural differences to consider. Knowing what to expect will take away the stress and bring the joy into your holiday. 

Transportation: deciding how to get around in Bulgaria should be one of your biggest pre-trip decisions. While the public transportation system (buses and trains) is fairly well developed between major cities in Bulgaria, rural areas (which are gems to explore) might be impossible to reach by public transport. Some train journeys take forever (High Speed Trains are non existent, don't be fooled by what some sources may say) - ask Paul about his experience traveling in Bulgaria by train. Just an example: the distance between Plovdiv and Veliko Tarnovo is 137 miles (221 km). it's 7 hrs and 30 min journey by train and a bit more than 3 hours by car. Trains are rarely air conditioned and food is not available on all. 

Car rental can be tricky. Often you see one price on the Internet and then you get quoted differently afterwards - especially out of the capital Sofia. Always read the fine print. You can't rent a car everywhere in Bulgaria, some places simply have no car rentals or they have a small number of vehicles available. Booking ahead of time is essential! 

Driving in Bulgaria. There are various dangers to watch out for when driving in Bulgaria. Driving standards and etiquette may not be what you are used to. The roads are generally in poorer condition than Western standards, lanes often do not have markings, large potholes could be encountered even on major highways, roadworks often are not signaled properly. Animals crossing (like flock of sheep or cows) is common in rural areas. Our advise is stick to driving in daylight as much as possible. 

Hotels and restaurants in Plovdiv and Bulgaria are pretty good, one of the main issue is that English is not spoken everywhere. Having a few Bulgarian phrases written might be very useful. Also, menus are not always available in English or often the translation is confusing. Again, this is mainly seen out of the big cities and touristic areas. We have a list of recommended traditional foods and drinks for you to try and we believe Bulgarian cuisine will delightfully surprise you! 

Note: We are not a travel agency, so any transportation and hotel reservations for your trip will have to be made by you, except for the package tours organized by us, which are booked through partners. Our specialty is nature tours (hiking and trekking trips) and tours with elements of cultural exploration, though we'll help as best we can in other areas too.

You can book a travel consultation by filling up the form below. It cost 25 Euro per 45 minutes and we do it via Skype voice call. The fee also covers any time we spend on your itinerary ahead of our appointment. 

Prepare for your trip consultation:

  1. Have a pen and paper ready (take notes, we don't send written summary after the call)

  2. Put together a prioritized list of questions 

  3. After booking your appointment we will ask you to send us your overall itinerary (list of overnight stops, top places you want to visit etc.) 

During the busy travel planning seasons we usually get heavily booked. Try to book your trip consultation at least two weeks in advance to secure a date and time that fits your schedule.


We look forward to talking to you and helping you make the most out of your time in Plovdiv and the Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria! 

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Note: In-depth 45 minutes consultation via Skype-voice costs 25 Euro
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